Millions Uninsured. Small Businesses Suffering.

With nearly 50 million people in America are without health insurance and expanding coverage to the uninsured is a huge challenge. There is a clear relatiopare, and ultimate outcomes. Those lacking coverage are disproportionately low-income and thus more financially vulnerable to the high cost of care, exposed to higher out-of-pocket costs compared to the insured, and more often burdened by medical bills. Medical expenses are the single biggest cause of bankruptcy.

The present economy and persistent increases in the cost of health insurance has contributed to rampant growth in the number of uninsured. Options for decreasing the number of uninsured continue to be debated with little consensus on the best and most affordable strategy.

Schaumburg Immediate Care has the best answers for you!!! We have an exciting plan for patients without health insurance and who qualify for a reduced rate based on need. The cost to be evaluated by the physician is $80*. If you have a qualified procedure performed, or any number of indicated x-rays, your cost increases to $130*. Immunizations and in-office prescription meds are additional, but never bringing the total to more than $165* for any one visit.
Schaumburg Immediate Care is also starting a pilot program, from May, called the SIC Healthy Way Pass. Participants in this program would receive

  • Immediate Care ONE coverage (physician evaluation plus all x-rays), for just $150 per month, for an unlimited number of visits.
  • Immediate Care TWO coverage (minor surgical procedures included), would cost just $199 per month.
  • Immediate Care THREE coverage (immunizations, quarterly wellness screenings, and needed equipment, all included), would cost just $250 per month.

We also plan to offer UNLIMITED WORK COMP ASSESSMENTS for employees of small businesses that are suffering owing to the cost of work comp insurance for their employees, for just $100 per month. This would entail physician evaluation, x-rays and labwork at the immediate care center, but not the cost of specialty referral or major surgery/procedures.

Talk to us. Tell us what you want and what you need. The single biggest problem expense facing individuals and small businesses today is medical insurance premiums. We can design a way out of this for you, for a huge monthly saving.

** Some restrictions apply, please call 847-891-6850 for more information. **