Minor Burns Treatment in Schaumburg

Suffering from minor burns? At Midwest Immediate Care, we have a team of specialists that can help you alleviate the pain and get you treated for your minor burns. Leaving the wound untreated can cause long term complications. It is … Continue reading

Common Urinary Tract Infections Treatment In Schaumburg

Urinary tract infections can be irritating to most people and our caring physicians can alleviate some of the symptoms after diagnosing the infection. Leaving a urinary tract infections untreated can have long term detrimental side effects; why not come into … Continue reading

Constipation Treatment in Schaumburg

In cases where you have infrequent bowel movements, or the passive of stools is difficult or painful and has linger around for weeks; you may be suffering from constipations. What are some signs and symptoms of constipations? – Your stools … Continue reading

Blood pressure check in Schaumburg

Do you have a medical condition that require regular blood pressure check? Our office has caring nurses and physicians that ready to help you get your blood pressure check in Schaumburg, Illinois. In the case that they find something out … Continue reading

Back Pain Management In Schaumburg

Are you suffering from back pain? Sometimes, backpain may be an indication of another underlining problem which one may not think about. Here at Midwest Immediate Care; we offer professional and accurate diagnoses for your backpain and help you manage … Continue reading

Cholesterol Screening in Schaumburg

Has your doctor told you that you need regular cholesterol screening? Just can’t get around to making an appointment with the doctor? Well come on in to Midwest Immediate Care in Schaumburg; you don’t need an appointment to get cholesterol … Continue reading

Arthritis Treatment And Management Services in Schaumburg

Midwest Immediate Care offers arthritis treatment and management services in Schaumburg. You may have been diagnosed with an inflammatory form of arthritis such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, or lupus; our team of medical expert … Continue reading

Pregnancy Testing Services In Schaumburg

Pregnancy testing are easy and provide an accurate way to find out if you are pregnant or not. The way pregnancy test work is by checking for human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in your urine.  And your body only create these … Continue reading

Hay Fever or Seasonal Allergies Treatment In Schaumburg

Hay fever or seasonal allergies is a serious condition that affects 40 to 60 million americans.  Hay fever is an allergic response that can cause itch, sneezing, watery eyes, and other similar symptoms.  This condition is often diagnose by doctors … Continue reading

Allergies Treatment Service in Schaumburg

Allergies come in multiple form, and as a physician, it is our job to figure out what our patient is allergic to and treat the symptoms. Sometime the treatment is immediate and sometime the treatment can come in the form … Continue reading